Using a log splitting wedge/ grenade on twisted Eucalyptus rounds North Shields


We stock and supply locally sourced, air dried firewood which can be delivered directly to your door.  

 We also provide a firewood processing service to bolt-on to any tree fell or reduction service.

Our team will crosscut the wood into log burner size rings, then split and stack the timber to allow it to season, giving you a ready supply of firewood for the future. 

Split air dried mixed hardwood £100 per bag

Split air dried mixed softwood £80 per bag 

Kindling £10 per bundle 

Bolt on service individually priced


Our Favourite Woods to Burn and Why

Hardwoods such as Oak, Ash, Beech and Maple are the best for a long lasting, high heat output burn.  These woods contain minimal sap and pitch, meaning they burn cleaner and more efficiently than other firewood.

Hardwood comes from slow-growing deciduous trees therefore the wood is far denser than softwood.  This means they produce a higher heat output, with a smaller flame and longer burn.

These hardwoods can be difficult to light due to their density so it is advisable to have some seasoned softwoods like pine or conifer. Seasoned softer hardwoods like Birch or Alder catch fire more readily making them great for kindling.

Fruit trees like apple, pear and cherry offer up nice smelling dense fire wood.

Eucalyptus can be difficult to split but once seasoned it produces a long hot burn similar to oak, and it is a much faster growing tree.

Red Fox Firewood Newcastle Ellington

Handy Hints and Tips

All wood, if appropriately processed, seasoned and stored will burn.

However not all wood is created equal. Some woods like laburnum are toxic and should never be burnt.

To get the best results from your stove/log burner/fire, you should use seasoned wood.  Seasoned firewood is wood that has been dried, either naturally or in a kiln, to a moisture content of 20% or less.

Burning wood with a moisture content higher than 20% will be difficult to light, struggle to burn, be very smokey and an inefficient use of wood. You’ll spend more time stoking the fire than sitting back and enjoying it.

We recommend using moisture meter on your wood before burning it to ensure its around that magical 20% mark.


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